Welcome to Prague 2020!

The Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians (FEET) aims to advance the Christian Religion in Europe through the study of Evangelical Theology in a spirit of loyalty to the Bible. Our next conference is being planned for 28-31 August 2020 in Prague on the theme “Discerning the Work of the Holy Spirit in and through the Church”.

Five main papers are being commissioned:

  1. Biblical perspective
  2. The Church’s testimony on the work of the Holy Spirit (models of renewal)
  3. The transforming work of the Spirit in the worship of the Church
  4. The transforming work of the Spirit in the personal life (including those in Christian ministry)
  5. The work of the Holy Spirit through the witness of the Church in the public sphere

Workshops planned are:

  1. Revivals in Central and Eastern Europe in the twentieth century
  2. The ethical role of the Holy Spirit in the area of business
  3. The gift of prophecy in the Church today
  4. Current theological dialogues on the Holy Spirit
  5. Evangelical and Pentecostal movements in Europe
  6. Burn-out and spiritual renewal in Christian ministry

There will be plenary Bible studies on Isaiah 61, John 14-17 and Acts 2.

The conference will be a day shorter than previous conferences. Please reserve the dates in your diary.

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